Location: Hallway

Koga: Ah! Hey, you…!

Rei: Ugh, I forgot.

Run, bouzu. C’mon, dash! Dash…!

Keito: Huh? What? Why? Explain why, Sakuma-san!

Rei: Well, recently that boy has been following me around…

Everywhere I go, for some reason he’s there strummin’ away on the guitar.

He’s pretty good at playin’, but I don’t get why he’s doing it, so it freaks me out.

I don’t get him and he looks like a downright pain in the ass so I’ve been running away.

Today as well, I shook free from him at full speed, locked the door to the student council office, and shut myself in there.

That place is really thorough about security and it’s hard to break the lock; ideal for holdin’ out through a siege.

But I thought I lost him, how did that kid figure out I was in the student council office?

He must have a good nose, kinda like a dog.

Keito: Hm. So that’s why you were in the student council office for once.

…At least carry a phone around with you, I had considerable difficulty searching for you.

Rei: Haha. The more difficult the search, the greater the joy upon finding what you seek. I don’t really like electronics, they make things too easy.

Koga: Hey! Stop ignoring me! Listen to what I have to say…!

Keito: …That boy is in pursuit. He looks like he is about to cry – why don’t you just listen to what he has to say?

Rei: It ain’t the time for that. I’m not one to talk, but you need to prioritize.

Otherwise, everything’s gonna be half finished, and you’ll end up empty handed.

Well, I’ll deal with that kid later.

Right now, let’s run on over to where the so-called incident is happening, since that seems more fun.

We’re taking a shortcut, bouzu. Close your mouth or you’ll bite your tongue.

Keito: Huh? Whooooa……!?

Koga: (Argh!? They jumped outta the window…!)

(Why? Sakuma-senpai…why is he running away! Ah, I get it, is it ‘cause you don’t wanna talk to a nobody like me?)

Of course! ‘Cause Sakuma-senpai is a super star. But I’m never gonna give up, some day I’ll make you acknowledge my skills…!

Location: Bicycle Parking Area

Rei: Ahaha. That was kinda fun, just like a Hollywood movie

Keito: It was not fun! I thought I was going to die…!

Rei: Come on, who’d die from just that? Humans are durable.

It wasn’t like it was from a height where you’d be flattened. Even if you did die, you’d be lucky to commit double suicide with Sakuma Rei-chan ♪

Keito: I refuse to die this young! Unlike you, there are many more things I want to do!

Rei: Uh-huh. And that’s why it can be said that you’re one of the more interesting ones in Yumenosaki Academy.

I’ll keep an eye on you for a while, for old time’s sake.

Well, whatever, hop on the back, we’ll speed over on this motorcycle.

Keito: Motorcycle? That’s against school rules, Sakuma-san!

Rei: What, doesn’t your childhood buddy get sent here by car? Is he exempt because he’s of poor health? I’m the student council president, can’t I change the rules?

Keito: The title of student council president is not a pardon to let you do as you please.

To twist the rules to one’s self interest is the method of a tyrant. If one were to change the school rules, it should be done more democratically, after robust debate and voting—-

Rei: Ah~… Yeah, nevermind if it’s gonna be like that.

Keito: Don’t run away from anything that’s a hassle. You’ve always been like that.

Rei: No, if I’m the central figure, it wouldn’t be a democracy even if there were debates and voting.

Keito: …?

Rei: Well, whatever, if the motorcycle is a no-go, let’s go by bicycle instead. I’ll steer, so get on the back. Sharing a bike is the height of youth  

Keito: It’s a violation of the Road Traffic Act. I will walk. I’ll tell you where the destination is, so you go ahead on your own. And let me just say this ahead of time: don’t bail.

Rei: Hm~, I’m not obligated to listen to what you say. There’s no use in me going by myself, let’s just walk together like pals.

Koga: Waaaaait! Don’t run awaaaaay!

Rei: Oh, the kid’s catching up. Nobody likes persistent men! Well, even if I say it out loud I guess he can’t hear from this distance.

C’mon, let’s run away and lose him! You should use your feet before usin’ your brain, run! Run!

Keito: I am well aware of that… Ah, shit, I wanted to do this in a more sensible manner, but every time you get involved it’s a ruckus

Rei: Haha. If you don’t like it, don’t call for me from the very start. You should’ve just earnestly plodded away at it like a good boy.

That way suits you better, bouzu.

Keito: I don’t have time for that. Even if it’s forced, and not within my nature, I want to settle it in a single stroke.

(…Wait for me, Eichi. Let’s make your dream come true, together.)