Location: Busy Street

Rei: Ah~. The sun’s goin’ down, I can breathe easy.

Keito: Seems like that troublesome constitution of yours is showing no signs of improving.

Rei: That’s exactly why it’s my “constitution,” it’s not an “illness” so there’s no curing it.

You can’t cut off one arm just ‘cause having two arms is a pain.

I’m the same as that childhood buddy of yours. I have to deal with this disability for the rest of my life.

Keito: Eichi has had a weak constitution since birth, but he is steadily improving his condition.

There’s nothing mankind can’t accomplish. If you want to cure yourself, I can ask Eichi to introduce you to a doctor…

Rei: Hm~. I don’t think this way, but I do have relatives who are actually proud of this condition.

So if I return to a normal condition, I might get kicked out of the family.

My little brother’s condition is way more serious, so if there is a cure I’d like to try it.

Well, it’s probably impossible to find a cure in our generation.

I used my “connections” from overseas to secretly have specialists take a look but they said there’s nothing that can be done right now.

Keito: Ah, so that’s why you’re going abroad so frequently–

Rei: Haha, my family and relatives can’t do nothing if they’re across the ocean. Our bloodline has hated going across flowing water for generations.

But right now, my backstory is totally unimportant, right?

Keito: It’s not unimportant at all. We’re friends; if something’s troubling you, you should rely on me.

Rei: Yep, yep. That’s why I like you, bouzu, you can say things like that without embarrassment. ♪

 Keito: Don’t ruffle my hair! When will you stop treating me like a child!?

Rei: Ahaha. C’mon, let’s get moving to where we need to go. Ain’t it an emergency?

I’m unfamiliar with places outside of the school, where’s the destination?

Keito: Yes. Do you know that there’s an underground live music hall on this busy street? That’s the destination. But let’s make a plan of attack before charging in.

We don’t want to carelessly stir the hornet’s nest.*(1)

Rei: Bugs are tasty. C’mon, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s take a risk~♪

Keito: H-hey! Think a little bit before you act!

You can probably pull it off, but it’s just too much for me!

Kuro: ………

Keito: (Hm? I feel like someone’s staring at me…What’s with him? Kiryuu…was it?)

(What is he doing in a place like that?)

(I did some research on him before since he’s a rare type at our school; he seems to have been a infamous delinquent in his hometown)

(Is he wasting his time away like a delinquent?)

(Well, if he tries something, I’ll deal with him then. He’s probably not involved this time around anyway. Right now, I should focus on dealing with the situation before us.)

(Now then…….let’s see if things turn out for better or worse)

( I hope Sakuma-san doesn’t realize what I’m planning)

(…….No, even if he does see through my plan, it’ll be good enough if he walks into the trap thinking it’d be interesting.)

(It pains me to repay good with evil, but……I’ll have you let me use you to the fullest, Sakuma-san.)

Kuro: (……….)

(Hm~……..Who’re they? Wasn’t that our school’s uniform?)

(They’re not familiar faces in this neighborhood. That serious-lookin’ glasses guy feels especially out of place……)

(It’s dangerous around here, what are you gonna do if some idiots pick a fight with you?)

(Well, it has nothin’ to do with me.)

Souma: Prithee, good sir. Are you alright?

Kuro: ……Huh? Who the hell are you? Who said you could talk to me?.

Souma: My apologies. You were kneeling down so I wondered if you were unwell.

Kuro: ……Not really. I was just sittin’ here, takin’ a break.

I need to kill some time until my little sister’s school lets out, but since it’s so pricey ‘round here I can’t even go wait in a cafe.

Souma: Well. I do not fully understand, but I am glad that you seem well. However, sir, you will be a hindrance to those passing through if you sit here.

Kuro: You don’t say. I was tryin’ to sit as close to corner as I could, y’know.

Souma: You are a strapping gentleman…….However, sitting like that in the street is not proper manners, even if ‘tis to rest.

There was a “benchi” (bench)*2 over there, shall I accompany you there?

Kuro: What’s with you? Don’t get in my business……It’s annoyin’, leave me alone.

Souma: Haha. My deepest apologies. I am oft scolded and told to take a hint better.

However, this time it seems it was merely my fears were unfounded…….But if you truly were unwell then I could not simply overlook it; that is contrary to righteousness.

Do you not think so as well, sir?

Translator’s note:

  1. Idiom that literally is translated to “Don’t poke a bush and (wake a sleeping) snake. English equivalent idioms are “let sleeping dogs lie” and “don’t wake the sleeping lion” and the one I used in the final text. Given Rei’s line below I figured hornets would be the closest in intended meaning and nuance.

And yes, did you know that the “mi”(巳) in Hasumi is the character for the 6th sign in the chinese zodiac (the serpent) so take Rei’s “snakes are tasty” line as you will.

  1. For those unfamiliar with Souma’s speaking style: he speaks like he’s a samurai so I attempted to reflect his archaic way of speaking (if any of you guys extensively studied Chaucer, hit me up). Certain words in Japanese are loan words from English or other foreign languages. Generally, foreign loan words are written in katakana, however, Souma usually renders these words in hiragana, which gives the impression that he is not super comfortable with these words.