Location: Busy Street

Kuro: Am I not makin’ it clear that I’m telling you to shut up and stop talkin’ to me? Huh?

Souma: Haha, your manner of speech is in a form I am not familiar with and your intentions do not come across clearly ♪

Kuro: You little…you ain’t in no position to talk since you don’t speak right either

…….Or what, did you have some other business with me, and chattin’ with me is just a front?

Souma: Aah, that is it. Good sir, have you caught sight of Hasumi-dono around here?

Kuro: “Hasumi-dono”……? Who the hell is that?

Souma: Hm. So you are unacquainted with him. He is……a serious-looking gentleman wearing glasses.

Presumably, he should be wearing a Yumenosaki Academy uniform much like myself.

Kuro: Oh, I saw someone like that a few minutes ago.

You know how there’s some stairs in between the buildings over there? He went down into the basement there.

Souma: I see. It seems luck is on my side. This is very useful information. I shall head there right away.

Kuro: ……Do you want something from him?

Souma: Indeed. I was thinking of showing this sword to that fellow.

Kuro: Whoa……Ain’t that an actual real sword? Why’re you walkin’ around with something like that?

Souma: ~…….

Kuro: (Aah, he’s already walked off without even turnin’ around. What the heck’s up with him……?)

(I don’t really get it and it ain’t my business, but it seems like something’s going down)

(The Yumenosaki Academy area has been pretty chaotic lately, for some reason.)

(I don’t like the feel of it. I used to want to have fun enjoying my youth in high school, but…… Now it’s just a dream within a dream.)

[Basement Live House]

Rei: ‘Scuse us~♪

Ahaha. Accordin’ to the rules, unless a vampire has been invited in by someone they usually can’t enter anywhere~

Spare me the formalities, though.  Unlike my little brother who thinks strictly ‘bout things like that, I’m closer to a human being in my own way than him.

Soon, the sun will sink. The world will be dyed in shades of night, and then it won’t matter if you’re outside or inside.

Keito: S-Sakuma-san. Like I said, don’t just barge in so haphazardly. You may not have known, but this underground Live house is infamous for being a hangout spot for delinquents.

No matter how strong you are, we’re vastly outnumbered……you’ll end up with serious injuries if a fight starts.I can’t have you being hospitalized right now.

Rei: Haha. I don’t have any intention of turnin’ this into a fight. I am still an idol after all, so resorting to acts of violence is a no-no.

I’ve decided to abide by those guidelines closely at least.

If we went at it with no rules, it’d be too easy and no fun at all~

Chiaki: ♪~♪~♪

Rei: Nn? Hey, someone’s singin’ on stage.

Keito: Hm? That’s……Isn’t that Morisawa from “Ryuuseitai”?

(Why is he here? This is bad. I didn’t expect this……What’s going on here?)

Chiaki: Hm? Who are you……guys? Are you friends of the delinquent idols who gather here at this underground Live house?

Keito: Do we look like we are?

Chiaki: No, h~mm……You look rather straight-laced, so I guess you aren’t a delinquent.

If that’s the case, then that’s bad! Leave this to me and hurry up and run away!

Keito: W-what do you mean by that? Explain yourself, Morisawa. We may be able to help you in some way!

(Meanwhile, while I feign concern, I’ll put some distance between myself and Sakuma-san……and secretly get close to Morisawa and talk to him in a whisper.)

……(Whispering) Hey, was Eichi here? Don’t tell me he actually got abducted, did he?

Chiaki: Eichi? Aah, you mean Tenshouin-kun? If it’s him you’re talking about, he seemed to be in a huge pinch so I let him escape!

Keito: You’re too loud! That aside, I can’t quite see what your role is here. ……What are you doing here?

From what I saw, it seemed like you were singing on top of the stage for some reason?

Chiaki: Y-Yeah. If I tried to explain it it’d end up turning into a long story. Or rather, it’d end up being a slightly embarrassing story so it’s hard to talk about it,

But forget about that. Hurry up and get out of here.

Don’t worry. I’m an ally of justice. I’ll definitely get you out of here safely.

Keito: I don’t get it. H~mm, just what exactly is up with this guy.

(What a mess. It seems that an unexpected development has occurred…….But since I’ve already brought Sakuma-san along with me, we can’t make any changes to the plan right now.)

(There’s no other choice. If things are thrown off kilter here it would create problems for our future plans. I suppose I’ll have to clean up quickly here and retreat for now.)

(We still aren’t at the level to be taking a gamble. I should quicky back out now.)

(I can ask Eichi about the incident later.)

(Morisawa said he got him out of here after all, so he’s probably safe.)

(Plus, in fact, he should have the bodyguards from the Tenshouin conglomerate following him just in case anything happened.)

Souma: Pardon me! Is Hasumi-dono present here?

Koga: Sakuma-senpai! Are ya in here? I followed you here by yer scent~ Today’s the day I’ll get you to listen to my performance for sure!

Rei: Ahaha. What’s with all of this? It’s gettin’ more and more chaotic here, huh……? ♪

Keito: Is this the time to be laughing?! W-What should we do? What’s the best course of action?

Rei: Calm down, bouzu. You’re so bad with unexpected situations, as usual~…… Just enjoy the hardship. Unpredicted developments are way more interesting, aren’t they?

Now then, what should we do……about this chaos?