Crossroads – Prologue

Recollection: Various Crossroads

This is my dream event so naturally I wanted to translate this for friends. Collaboration with the lovely @yui_narita! Special thanks to @penkipenguin for spot QC and @Bitchitrice for editing!

Crossroads: Prologue

Location: Repayment Festival Stage

Rei: ………


Kuro: Haha. You sure are makin’ a scary face, Sakuma.

I guess you’re being serious just this one time, huh?


Rei: It vexes me so to hear Kiryuu-kun say that I am making a “scary face” …….No, it’s just, I do not know when Doggie will come bounding in, so I was merely putting myself on guard.

We called ourselves “Dead Man’s,” caused mayhem at the “Repayment Festival,” and rubbed Doggie the wrong way.

I’m sure he is presently searching for us in a rage.

A lost puppy…….Nay, he is akin to a faithful dog who has sworn an oath of revenge after being injured by his master.

On the contrary, it would be disquieting if he did not come and attempt to punch me as soon as he locates me. Otherwise, the same thing shall repeat itself.

Allow me to rephrase that. The same thing will not repeat itself again. We will graduate.

Truly, no one desires to ultimately leave things unfinished while remaining in such a lenient state.

We should be adopting a proper stance to face them as a formidable enemy.

Kuro: So you’re saying it’s a serious fight. Not bad.

We’ve also made it this far as comrades and all, but I guess I should’ve had a serious fight with Kanzaki at least once.


Rei: Kukuku. If one close to you is too good a child, it will be harder for the “parent” to let go rather than for the “child.” However, still, it is a necessary course to take so that no regrets linger in our hearts.

We will become a flock of man-eating fiends. 


Kuro: I’m sure that’d just end up bein’ real trouble for the kids, though. Well, I can’t ask for more than  giving them the memory of havin’ a big fight rather than just departin’ silently without leavin’ anything behind.

Keito: ………..

Kuro: Hm? What’s wrong, Boss ? You’ve been silent for a while now. It ain’t like you. Why are ya actin’ like a serious honor student now of all times?

You’re the one who decided we’d run wild in a big way until the end, no? I just came here to see the fireworks. We can’t get started if you don’t make your move. .


Keito: …….I know. I’m in the middle of thinking right now so be quiet, Kiryuu.


Kuro: Haha. Has there ever been a time where I’ve ever been silent after you telling me that?

I dunno why you’re actin’ all serious, but I’m sure part of it’s got to do with you worryin’ too much.

You’re the one who kept persistently repeating that Kanzaki can do it if he tries?

And besides, the “Repayment Festival” is normally an easy event for us third-years. It’s okay to fully enjoy yourself like we’re at a festival. Right, Sakuma?

Rei: Indeed. Kiryuu-kun is quite reliable. I can see why Hasumi-kun chose to keep you on hand. Surprisingly considerate despite having a boorish appearance..

It was worth thrusting your hand into the flames to pick  him up, wasn’t it………Hasumi-kun 🎵

However. You should not rely too much  on others. You are the one who started “Dead Man’s.” Now that this name has been brought out, you should take responsibility for it until the very end.

Kuro: But y’know. Not that it’s that important, but why “Dead Man’s”?


Keito: Because it was convenient as a “unit” that wasn’t currently active and could be quickly mobilized.

“Dead Man’s” only exists on paper, and in the past Sakuma and I were affiliated with it.

It was perfect as an imaginary enemy…or rather, as an antagonist mixed into the “Repayment Festival” and start fights with the kids. That’s all there is to it, Kiryuu.

We didn’t have the time to create a new “unit,” and if we went through the procedures for that it would be highly likely that Eichi and the underclassmen would suspect something.

It was necessary to secretly move forward up until the very end.


Kuro: No, I’m talking about the naming.

What the heck’s up with “Dead Man’s”………

I’m not book smart so I don’t know for sure but, isn’t the plural form of “Dead Man” just “Dead Men”?

You know, like X-MEN. (T/N: You’ll notice in the original text there’s an asterisk in the word “X-MEN.” It’s for copyright reasons, and you’ll see it again in the next chapter when Rei and Keito reference Doraemon and Anpanman.)

Rei: Do you enjoy American comics, Kiryuu-kun? Hasumi-kun lends you manga excessively, doesn’t he? I understand.

Why is it that otaku try to increase the number of like-minded individuals, or should I say, true believers?

Keito: ……..Don’t think too deeply about the naming. It’s a fairly maudlin  story, and remembering it at a time just before graduation would be embarrassing.

It’d be to the point where I wish I could go through the procedures of changing the name right now.

By the way, I got a call from Hakaze just now. It seems he’s found the missing Kanzaki.

We’ll quickly head on over, Kiryuu. …….We can leave this place to you, right “Sakuma-san”?

Rei: Of course. However, ‘tis not very “unit”-like to be standing alone on top of the stage. Could you call Kaoru-kun back here?

Just where and what is that fellow doing? He truly is an unreadable man up until the very end.

Kukuku. To think that flippant, frivolous youngster would encroach into my life this deeply……

In the past, it was never a possibility to me. That is why life is so enjoyable.

Even I feel as if I have finally come back to life again. In truth, the name “Dead Man’s” does not suit me at all 🎵