Shining Knights Starlight Festival – Prologue

Leo: 🎶
It’s here, it’s here, inspiration!*
I could write a masterpiece today, just you wait Haydn!
Yup, having the right setting is essential!
I can concentrate because the snow gets rid of all sounds, and my body’s so cold my consciousness is getting all fuzzy so it feels like I could start tripping.
Alright, gotta make a great song that’ll be carved in the annals of world history!
Whatama (おぶちゅ)

Tsukasa: Leader! I swear…

Leo: Oh! Suo~! Splendid, so full of energy even though it’s so cold. You’re still such a baby, playing around and throwing snowballs.
Okay, you’re on! I don’t hold back in a snowball fight.

Tsukasa: Jesus Christ!

Leo: Watch out! Hey, kicking is against the rules!
If you don’t comply with international law, you’ll be ostracized from the world economy! Depending on the situation putting rocks in snowballs is okay though!

Tsukasa: What are you even talking about! I have searched all over for you, Leader.
Please stop constantly going missing like it is par for course. I shall have to implant a GPS inside your body!

Leo: Whoa, whoa, calm down. Sorry for making you worry, don’t get so worked up.
Sorry~, I got a lil’ lost. This school is ridiculously big so I kinda wandered off course🎶

Tsukasa: The main question is how on earth did you get lost on campus!?

Leo: Wahaha, I’m a genius who can achieve things no one else can!
But anyways, the winter air’s really dry so your throat’s going to start hurting if you yell too much.

Tsukasa: Please concern yourself with your own well-being before concerning yourself with mine…
You shall catch a cold if you sit out here in the snow.
Please take care of your health. Soon, our academy’s pride and joy, the great seasonal event, qualifying as a “S1”…
“Star Light Festival” will begin.
We must have the same or even greater amount of enthusiasm as we did for the “Halloween Party” a while ago, and put in our best efforts to raise the renown of Knights.
…Leader, I suppose you are uninterested in renown or influence.

Leo: I get that it’s important. Even Mozart had to bow down to nobles and write songs he didn’t want to write to get work.
When you make it big, you can abbreviate [that part of your life]
Grr, don’t talk about Mozart! It’s getting on my nerves.

Tsukasa: What? But, Leader, you are the one who started talking about him? Why do you have such a lack of logical progression?

Leo: {groans} Well, anyways, weren’t we talking about doing our best for the Starlight whatever-it’s-called?
I get it, I get it, right now I’m finishing up a new song for it.

Tsukasa: Oh yes, composing is important. However, let’s also not forget to properly attend our lessons as well.
The rest of Knights has already gathered in our bastion, the “Studio.”

Leo: Ah, SenaHouse. I like it because it’s comfy there.

Tsukasa: Leader, why do you call our studio by the strange name of “SenaHouse”?

Leo: ‘Cause it has the same feel as Sena’s place.
Hm? Wait a minute.

Tsukasa: What is the matter, Leader? Please do not suddenly make such a peculiar sound.

Leo: Ah, sorry…Hey, Suo~, isn’t that Naru over there? Or am I seeing things?

Arashi: …

Tsukasa: Oh, yes, that is indeed Narukami. I wonder what he is doing over there.
My goodness, I just told everyone in Knights to gather at the Studio.
I should expect as much from Leader but even Narukami is loitering about here?
I am the only one spinning my wheels going here and there to no avail like a fool…Please, everyone, all I ask if for your to keep pace.
Pardon me, Narukami, I am not certain what you are doing but…hmm!?

Leo: Suo~, be quiet

Tsukasa: W-why? Also, please do not touch me so intimately

Leo: Sorry, sorry. Naru looks so serious for a change. And he looks like he’s praying, so let’s leave him be.

Tsukasa: Praying? Indeed, it appears Narukami is in front of something that looks like a grave. But why is something of that sort here on campus?

Leo: It’s not a grave, it’s a whatcha call it…a cenotaph. It’s peaceful now so you probably don’t know, but back in the day, there were quite a few who had their dreams crushed and committed suicide…
So it’s a cenotaph to placate their spirits.

Tsukasa: Ah, I see. We also have a cenotaph for the spirits of my ancestors in my family estate.
But, why is Narukami praying there? Has someone close to him passed away?

Leo: Hm, I dunno. Naru and I don’t have a lot of overlap during our time in Knights
And we’re not that close, so I don’t know too much.
Plus, Naru doesn’t really talk about himself. Sena was a buddy of his while modeling, and they seem like they’ve been close from back when, so he might know something.
If you wanna know, ask him later.
But, getting too deeply involved with others is like stepping into their battle.
It’s impossible to snatch up just what you need from the green zone, so be careful.

Tsukasa: Ah. No, I am not curious to that extent.
It simply…gives me pause.
Narukami is usually all smiles, considerate and kind…he would never show us such a forlorn expression.
I wonder if his usual appearance, the dependable, elegant exterior he shows to us…is a suit of armor he has donned out of consideration to hide his true self.
If that is the case, how shall I put this…to me it seems quite lonely.