Shining Knights Starlight Festival – Silent Knights Chapter 1

Leo: I’m back~⭐️

Oh! The heat’s on! It’s warm…⭐️

Tsukasa: (chuckles) the hallways and other areas are quite chilly as it is the holidays and the air conditioning is not on. Normally, the school buildings in Yumenosaki Academy are perfectly climate controlled.

After all, it is quite commonplace to shoot in costumes in the studio that are seasonally inappropriate.

It is only natural to have a system that maintains the temperature.

Although, I am concerned about bringing in heating apparatuses that do nothing but get in the way of photoshoots, like the kotatsu*(1) and stove.

I feel as if we are going too far and making the studio our own

Ritsu: It’s fine. This is our castle~. Welcome back, Su~, and “Your Majesty”🎵

Tsukasa: Yes, thank you, we have returned. Ritsu…it is not good for your health to place your entire body, and even your entire head, under the kotatsu.

It isn’t proper, and you shall roast under there.

Ritsu: No~, I don’t like the cold…I’m a skinny old man.

But you’re probably okay because have a lot of fat stored up from eating too many sweets

Tsukasa: I am not that chubby. You all have been teasing too much with this topic lately.

Ritsu: Ahaha, but I think you’d be tasti-…er, healthier if you’re a little curvy.

Ah, heaven is a kotatsu. Mankind sometimes invents nice things.

Izumi: Hey, stop it.

Your feet are sticking out from the kotatsu and are intensely on me. It’s a small studio so show some consideration.

Ritsu: Sorr~y, I have long legs. And I’ll be cooked if I put my entire body under the kotatsu so I have to let out some hot air.

I’ll just wait for spring under here, thanks.

Izumi: Kuma’s laziness has gotten even worse now that it’s winter.

Well, at least there’s no work today and I’m impressed you’re even awake right now.

Leo: Wahaha⭐︎ Sena never stops nagging, as usual, what are you, our mom?!

Izumi: Eek! Hey, can you not touch me with your ice cold hands? And the melting snow is dripping all over, it’s soooo annoying.

Leo: Ah~, Sena, you’re so warm…so alive~, yup yup🎵

Izumi: Ugh, someone do something about this moron. So annoying, I’m knitting a scarf right now so stop bothering me, okay?

Leo: Oh! Thank you, Sena! I’ve been wanting some protection from the cold since it’s been super chilly lately🎵

Izumi: It’s not for you! Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?

Hey, don’t brush the snow on your body off with the scarf! The yarn will get all wet and messed up!

Leo: Whaa~? Then who is it for? Anzu? Offer it to me, your king, as tribute. Aren’t you my knight? C’mon🎵

Izumi: Cut that out. Don’t randomly cling on to me, okay? What’s with you, you’re acting so spoiled today.

Ritsu: Ahaha. He’s just trying to steal your body heat because he’s cold.

By the way, it looks like Secchan*(2) is knitting the scarf for the infamous “Yuu-kun”*(3)

Look, the scarf has a creepy “I LOVE YUU❤️” design on it

Izumi: Yeah, it’s almost the end of the year. Yuu-kun is in the final stages of preparing for “SS”…a show of epic proportions that he’s never experienced before.

I want to support him in any little way I can🎵

Yuu-kun has always performed when it counts but he’s also the type to push himself too much, so if those around him don’t take care of him

I’m sooo worried that he’ll keel over the moment “SS” is over, like someone cut his strings

I have to make sure he stays warm, eats good food, and gets a proper night’s sleep before he takes on the show.

…His mom isn’t a bad person, but she don’t take care of him well enough

So I have to be the one to properly support him🎵

Leo: You’re a “Good wife, Wise mother~”*(4) Yep, yep, I guess Sena also looked after me back in the day…Ah, the memories.

So, I’m a little sad “Yuu-kun” or what’s his name stole Sena away.

But you reap what you sow~ I was the one who abandoned the place where I belonged.

But Sena, after you finish knitting that scarf, knit one for me too🎵 It’s been really cold  these days, Every night I feel like I might inadvertently freeze to death!

Izumi: Don’t inadvertently freeze to death. Sleep at home and not on the streets.

But, if you just want a scarf, can’t you get your sister to knit one? She’s good with her hands, right?

Leo: Preposterous!

There’s no way I’d actually use a scarf knit by Ruka-tan,*(5) I’d frame it and carefully preserve it as a family treasure for future generations!

Arashi: I’m back~🎵 Oh my, it’s so festive in here?

(giggles) But that’s how it always is. What’s all the fuss about?

Ritsu: Ah, Nacchan. Welcome back~ What were you up to?

When you’re not here, everyone in Knights does whatever they want and things get out of hand.

Arashi: (chuckles) Sorry ‘bout that, I had a little something to do🎵

Tsukasa: …………………….

Ritsu: Hm…well, that’s fine. Everyone’s here now. 🎵


*(1) Kotatsu is a table with a heater below it

*(2) Ritsu’s nickname for Izumi (Se[na]-chan). If you would like to learn more about honorifics go here:

*(3) Izumi’s nickname for Makoto Yuuki

*(4) Meiji Era expression that reflected the shifting ideals of the role of women


*(5) -tan is the extra cute thing you add to people’s names