Shining Knights Starlight Festival – Silent Knights Chapter 2

Tsukasa: Gentlemen! This is no time to be loafing around, S1 is right before us

Should we not be discussing the Starlight Festival?

Arashi: Oh, Kasa honey, you’re so serious. What a good boy🎵 Oh, is that why we’ve all gathered here on a weekend?

Tsukasa: Indeed, that is why I am here.

I am worried because you are all unabashedly lacking motivation – knitting a muffler, laying about under a kotatsu, or putting on makeup

Izumi: Naru-kun, why are you putting on makeup if no one’s going to see you today, it’s bad for your skin?

Izumi: Do your moisturizing regiment at home.

Arashi: Like I’ve said,  it’s is like leaving the house with no clothes on…

It’s snowing and especially cold, so my fingers might get chapped

Ritsu: Su-chan, pour me some tea. I’m more of a black tea kind of person, but it’d be weird to have black tea and cookies on a kotatsu so green tea please*(1)

Tsukasa: As I have stated before, please do not let loose as soon as there is an opening to do so.

Leader, please say something. You are Knights’ ruler, please take control.

Leo: Wha~…. Ok fine, but wait a sec, I got a lot colder than I thought so I can’t move until I recover some body heat.

Ah~, the kotatsu is too comfy, I’m gonna fall asleep

Tsukasa: What are you, small child? A kotatsu is a tool of the devil designed to ruin mankind. Please do not sit under it until you are finished with your work.

A great man once said, “Boys Will Aim to Walk In the Wilderness”*(2)

Leo: I don’t know who you’re talking about. Stop Suo~, don’t drag me out~ Not when I’ve finally reached utopia…

Leave me be, I’m gonna marry the kotatsu

Ritsu: No way, the kotatsu is my wife

Izumi: Jeez, cut it out, Kasa-kun is gonna cry.

Let’s do what we gotta do, and then we can idle around as much as we want afterwards?

Switch into ‘power-on mode’. That’s how we do it, right?

Ugh~, since when did Sena become so serious… No, I guess you’ve always been like that…

I was planning to be completely in ‘power-off mode’ today

But you called me out here all of a sudden, it’s a huge inconvenience

Tsukasa: There are no off days for you, please work hard to make up for all the time you have been away

“He who does not work, neither shall he eat”*(3) Shall I expound upon “The Ant and the Grasshopper”*(4) fable?

Leo: So preachy, Keito must’ve rubbed off on you. You’ll get older faster [that way]… Well, it’s okay, I have no counterargument for my long absence

Let’s do what we gotta do. Splendidly, in our own style

First let’s defeat that Star…what was it? Gotta defeat that thing with the ostentatious name, and then I want to relax during New Years

Arashi: Yah, let’s do what we need to do this year before it ends

By the way, “Starlight Festival” is pretty long*, so i think everyone shortens it “StarFest”

Leo: “S-tar…Fest?”*(6) If I remember correctly, isn’t it during Christmas?

From the name, it sounds like it’s some sort of merriment where everyone scrambles for the star at the top of a christmas tree! Wahaha⭐️

Tsukasa: Oh, surprisingly on target

Essentially, almost every Unit in the academy participates and it is an Event to decide who is No.1 within Yumenosaki Academy

Leo: A great battle. Splendid, it’s a plan well-suited for us

So, I guess after kicking down all those we see in one fell swoop, the last men standing are the winners

In that case, we Knights are unrivaled 🎵

Izumi: Why so violent, it’s not like we’re killing each other?

The main point is, we idols will become Santa on Christmas Eve and give the audience the best present

No violence. We now have our own standing and we are slowly getting more fans.

We can’t be rebellious punks forever.

Leo: But we’re still doing the same thing, right~ A battle where we fight with song and dance.

If you just stroll in it like it’s some kind of party, you’ll die. Kill or be killed, that’s the how it is in the idol industry. Grrr.

Izumi: You really are bloodthirsty, aren’t you? That time has already passed.

But, we have to be on our toes. Every unit within Yumenosaki Academy of late has been very active.

We have to be careful not to get caught off guard.

Tsukasa: Yes. We, Knights, have been reputed for our revival as storied veterans and have continued our powerful attacks, however, we are still not solidly in that position yet.

Let us carefully devise a strategy and face them in top form

Leo: That’s what I’ve been planning to do all along. Leave writing a new song for “StarFest” up to me~, I’m finishing up a devilishly good masterpiece

I’ll kick down those pawn guys while humming a little tune*(7)

And we’ll take the christmas tree star for ourselves! I’ve always wanted one of those, wahaha⭐️

*(1) Referring to how a kotatsu is very eastern and black tea and cookies are western foods.

*(2) Tsukasa is misremembering the title of Naoki Prize winner Hiroyuki Itsuki’s book “The Young Ones Will Aim to Walk in the Wilderness.” The overall theme of the book is to experience difficulties (and presumably overcome them) while you’re young. I spent an hour trying to find a parallel quote/book title that would evoke the same reaction but I am tired.

*(3) From 2 Thessalonians 3:10 in the New Testament

*(4) One of Aesop’s fables

*(5) In Japanese, this would all be katakana so it would be a lot of syllables

*(6) Leo is using all hiragana which indicates he’s not that great with long foreign words

*(7) Leo uses ‘koppa samurai” which is a less correct more cutesy way of referring to ‘hamusha” but I’m too tired to think of a cute way to change this