Shining Knights Starlight Festival – Silent Knights Chapter 3

Leo: Hm, I see~, Now I’ve got a general idea of what “StarFest” is all about.


Tsukasa: Do you truly? Frankly, I worry, Leader, since you have had such a blank facial expression. Shall I explain it to you again?


Leo: Nah, it’s okay, basically StarFest y’know, is split into the first half and second half, or in more proper terms, the preliminaries and the finals.


In the first half, the preliminaries, every unit performs for the time they’re given

in their usual outfits


They compete through live performances, and if you lose in votes that’s the end for you


Each unit can take the stage whenever and compete against anyone they’d like, but once you lose you have to immediately leave the stage, so everyone’s probably going to be hesitant at first


But we of course are gonna go hard


It seems like things like the order and the scale of the live performances of the latter half changes based on the votes we get in the first half


I want to show off our new song and costumes that we painstakingly prepared on the grandest of stages


Izumi: Well, we’re not going to fall behind any little weak unit


But we don’t know what will happen when the battle begins*(1), so let’s draw up a strategy.


Ritsu: Ah, leave that to me. The first half will happen when the sun’s still out, so I don’t think I will be of much help…


I’ll try to work on some plans, maybe


Leo: Yeah, we’re counting on you, Rittsu!*(2) Your deviousness is one of our greatest weapons🎵


Ritsu: Huh~, calling me “devious” isn’t really a compliment… Honestly, I’d prefer if we quickly lost and had to leave since it’d be a lot easier


Leo: Don’t be silly, don’t you want fun things to go on for longer? We finally gathered all five of us into one unit, so let’s do as many live performances as we can


Tsukasa: Leader, whose fault is it that we had such difficulty gathering all the members*(3)


But no matter, I am relieved to see that everyone appears to be enthusiastic


Ritsu: Feisty~ , anyway, for the first half, is it OK to go with something like actively competing with other units to rake in the votes


If so, I’ll make that the plan


Leo: I leave the matter to your discretion~. …isn’t StarFest spearheaded by the student council? If so, we should dive in full force


For the empty-headed “Emperor”*(4) shows no mercy to passive idols


Back then, he was the one obnoxiously pestering me, but as soon as I stopped going to school he started to treat me like I was nothing


That prick. He’s forgetting who he has to thank for where he is right now.


Izumi: …Well, practically speaking, it seems like the first half is held to whittle down the large amount of units


“Preliminaries” really is an apt term for it


Leo: Yeah, unlike how it was back in my day, everyone’s really going for it


You need a way to select only the finest and most valuable units from the pack


Izumi: I mean, just by letting all the units perform for their allotted amount of time, Christmas will be over in no time


I don’t get it, why is it only for one day


Leo: I don’t know, but if we don’t proactively take the stage we might not even have our turn


Naturally, never stepping foot on stage means zero votes


Ultimately, we’ll see who has the most votes in hand at the end of the first half…


and only a handful of units, in order from the top, will be able to advance their chess pieces to the latter half


It wouldn’t hurt to win a lot and get a lot of votes. An idol that doesn’t take the stage is as worthless as an instrument that doesn’t play.


I didn’t make these rules, this is just how it is


Of course, we’re gonna take the top! Gonna make a mountain of corpses~ wahaha☆


Tsukasa: So full of vigor! Well, I actually do not believe we would be able to be defeated as we are now


Gentlemen, we come into the world but once so let us aspire to the throne🎶


Arashi: At it again with the violence and the gore


Jeez, I get it, you boys love your shootouts


Leo: Knights are the belles of the battlefield*(5). If you retain them in times of peace, it’ll only put pressure on the coffers of the State. They have no place in a peaceful world. Do you have a problem with that, Naru?


Arashi: Uh uh, …there’s nothing I can do. Ever since His Majesty returned, I feel like he’s revived the old ways of Knights


Times have changed, that I can tell.


Can’t we all just cozy up and live in harmony?


I know that’s idealistic of me, but this just feels wrong


(1) Izumi is talking about the performance – they’re using warfare/battle metaphors to describe an idol concert (lol)

(2) Leo’s nickname for Ritsu. This is not shorter but I guess Leo thinks it’s great.

(3) Tsukasa says “Full Member” in english but as we all know, this is not correct and he needs to brush up on his english lessons

(4) Referring to Eichi

(5) In Japanese, the literal term is “Flowers of the battlefield.” This refers to knights being the center of attention/most eye-catching thing on the battlefield. I tried to do a little allusion to the phrase “belle of the ball” but it is 3 am and I am tired.